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Easter at its best: 8 tea & food combinations

Easter at its best: 8 tea & food combinations

Are you planning an Easter breakfast or extensive brunch? An accompanying tea will make it even more enjoyable. But what dish do you combine with which tea? Especially for Easter, we collected a few perfect tea & food pairings to wish you a Happy Easter. 


Chocolate Easter eggs with Moroccan Mint green tea  

Easter is not complete without enjoying chocolate eggs. Our Moroccan mint tea fits perfectly with them. The mint makes the chocolate less 'heavy' and gives a refreshing effect.  


White chocolate with Sencha  

Do you prefer white chocolate to brown? Try a Sencha with it. Sencha is green Japanese steamed tea. The delicate "grassy" taste of this tea is a nice accompaniment to the creamy white chocolate.  


Easter bread with Organic English Breakfast  

Easter bread combines well with Organic English Breakfast tea. This tea has a rich, full-bodied taste with tannins that harmoniously combine with the sweet almond filling and sultanas of the Easter bread.  


Eggs Benedict with Lemon Verbena tea  

How about poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce on a toasted English muffin with smoked salmon and some baby spinach? A classic with endless variation possibilities. Serve it with this Lemon Verbena tea to refresh and enhance the flavours.  


Croissants with Earl Grey  

At Easter you eat real butter croissants, with marmalade or lemon curd. Try it with Earl Grey tea. The Bergamot oil in the Earl Grey refines the taste experience with a delicious hint of citrus aroma.  


Smoked salmon with White Lychee tea  

An uncommon tea is the White Lytchee tea, which pairs impressively with smoked salmon or cooked chicken. The White Lychee pearls of Dilmah consist of pure fresh, unopened leaf buds of the tea plant, picked in the morning dew and tied together by hand in a pearl shape. In hot water (not warmer than 80 degrees), this 'pearl' unfolds into a flower. Put this delicate tea in a glass teapot for a visual dimension on your Easter table.  

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