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What is an infusion Ayurveda?

An infusion is a preparation of herbs, spices and other ingredients that are added to water or oil. The resulting mixture can be drunk as tea or applied topically for internal use. Infusions are used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat various conditions including coughs, colds, fever, digestive problems and skin ailments. They also help the body detoxify itself by flushing out toxins from the blood.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda (Ayur: life; Veda: knowledge). Which means knowledge of life and known as the art of healthy living. It is considered the oldest complete medical system, having been used for nearly 5,000 centuries. 

What is Sri Lankan Ayurveda?

Sri Lanka Ayurveda (pronounced "ay-ooor-vee-dee") is the traditional natural medicine of Sri Lanka, an integral part of its heritage. For Sri Lankans, Ayurveda is a trusted option for Western medicine. It is nature‘s way to good health, because it relies on natural plants, herbs, and oils. 

Why is this Dilmah Range called “Arana”?

The word ‘Arana’; meaning forest in Sinhala in Sri Lanka. It is at the heart of this Ayurveda recipes, combining the natural goodness of Ceylon tea with the goodness in herbs, roots and spices from our forests. Sri Lanka’s forests are Nature’s Ayurvedic pharmacy; our ayurvedic pharmacopoeia records the health and wellness. The herbs, roots and spices used in this Youth Arana tea are harvested by artisans, in the forests of Sri Lanka. Dilmah loves to share this heritage with you by creating Arana. Enjoy

Who selected the Arana range?

Each natural ingredient is selected by Ayurvedic physicians and produced under their expert supervision. Our CEO Dilhan loves to tell you all about our Arana selection

What are the Health benefits of (Ayurvedic) ingredients?

The Ayurvedic view is based on the healing powers of nature. This is an ancient wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation. Please note that not (all) health benefits have been scientifically proven. If you have health problems, we strongly advise you to consult a doctor. We share all the ingredients in the Arana mélanges and what functionalities are attributed to them.