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Experience loose leaf tea

Experience loose leaf tea
Loose leaf tea has been around for over 5000 years. After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. In the Netherlands we drink an average of 3 cups of tea a day. Drinking tea is part of our daily habits and often gives rhythm to our day. Think of drinking a cup of tea with our breakfast, during work or after dinner. Where we used to choose tea from a tea bag out of convenience, we see that recently more often the choice is made for loose tea.

What is loose tea?

Loose leaf tea is tea that is not pre-packaged in tea bags. Tea in tea bags usually contains smaller grades of tea such as Broken Orange, Pekoe Fannings or Fannings while loose tea is usually made from larger grades of tea such as Orange Pekoe, Orange Pekoe A, Flowery Orange Pekoe or whole leaves. Tea is made up of various chemical compounds that occur naturally in plants. Think polyphenols, amino acids and caffeine. When tea leaves are cut and broken, these compounds disappear at the expense of quality. Loose leaf tea has more flavor and aroma when made into tea because the flavor compounds are more intact.

Tea Ceremony

Loose tea requires a different preparation than tea made with a tea bag. In some countries, brewing tea is considered an art. Tea ceremonies are very common in some cultures. During a tea ceremony it is all about creating a relaxed atmosphere but also that the aroma of the chosen tea is shown to its full advantage.

Drinking loose tea at home

In the Dutch culture, tea ceremonies are not common. Currently, we work a lot at home. Making a cup of tea is seen as a moment of rest during a working day. We have also started to live more consciously. We have all started to walk more but we are also eating and drinking more consciously. Instead of making a quick cup of tea with a teabag, we increasingly choose loose tea and take more time for it. So we enjoy more consciously.

Different kinds of loose leaf tea

Just like tea from tea bags, loose tea comes from the tea plant Camellia Sinensis and is available in the following tea varieties: white tea, black tea, oolong and green tea and our different infusions such as the Elderflower Cinnamon Apple, Chamomile Flowers | Chamomile tea and Rosehip and Hibiscus tea.

Frequently asked questions about loose leaf tea

Via Instagram, we previously asked if you had any questions about loose leaf tea. Below you can read your questions and answers.

Loose tea or tea bags?

The answer to this question is personal. Do you go for convenience? Or do you go for the experience? You put a teabag in a cup or glass, add hot water and a few minutes later you can enjoy a delicious cup of tea. Do you travel a lot? Then teabags are handy too. This way you can enjoy your favourite tea on the plane, in the park or at your destination. Loose leaf tea is perfect for taking a break. Stop for a moment in the here and now and enjoy the tea ritual. Do you have regular guests? If you serve the loose tea in our Perfect Cup Infuser and tell something about the origin of the tea you will make the experience complete.

How many grams of loose tea per cup of tea?

Use 1 gram of tea per 100 ml of water. If you measure the contents of your tea glass or tea cup once, you will know how many grams of tea you will need in the future. When it comes to tea, keep in mind that different teas have different volumes. Whereas with Earl Grey a teaspoon of tea is sufficient, with Oolong you may need a slightly larger spoon for the right amount, since oolong is only half fermented and therefore has a higher volume per weight. 

How long should loose leaf tea steep?

Loose leaf tea should be steeped for 2 to 3 minutes, depending on what you like and tea gradation. Our advice is to start with 2.5 minutes of infusion. Would you like the tea to have a more intense flavour? Allow the tea to infuse for 3 minutes. Do you want a slightly milder tea? Allow it to infuse for 2 minutes. Medium brew (black) = 3 minutes, strong brew = 5 minutes.

How to weigh loose leaf tea?

Tea is best weighed using a digital kitchen scale with a highly accurate 0.1 gram scale. This way you know for sure that you are weighing the right amount of tea for the most optimal tea experience.

Where to buy loose leaf tea?

In our web shop you will find a large assortment of loose leaf tea. Do you prefer to buy in a real store? Landwaart Culinair in Maartensdijk sells loose Dilmah Tea, but so do Magazijn Houtman & Menkveld in Rotterdam, Bakkerij Wim Koelman in Heemskerk and Huize van Wely locations (5 in total in, among other places, Noordwijk and Amsterdam).

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