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We need you to help us fighting food waste! The tea on this page is almost about to expire the best-before-date or is already past this. Help us fight food waste.

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We need you to help us fighting food waste! The tea on this page is almost about to expire the best-before-date or is already past this. Which doesn’t mean that this tea has to be wasted. Directly after we harvested the tea, we pack it light- and airtight. After the best-before-date, the quality can still be enjoyed for at least another year. On this page, you will find tea with a price starting at €0,00.

How much food do we waste each year?

Each year we waste 590 million kilos of food. That is 34 kilos per person per year! One-third of all the food and beverages that we produce doesn't even end up on our plate or in our cup. This is because the product is past its expiration date for example. Such a shame.

Many products that don't require storage in a cool place like flour, pasta, canned products, and tea, can be used after the expiration date. The taste of variants that contain (natural) additives such as Earl Grey tea (Bergamot oil) and Rose with French Vanilla may deteriorate over time because the essential oils in the flavourings break down.

Tea hero, do you want to rescue our tea from food waste?

Being a hero was never that easy. By buying tea from this page you prevent the tea from going to waste.

What can you do with tea that's past its best-before-date?

No-brainer: You can still drink this tea. Most 'loose leaf tea' merchants don't even put a best-before-date to their tea because the tea isn't fresh tea. Dilmah is one of the few tea-producing companies that pack the tea directly into the package you buy for consumption. When Dilmah tea is expired, its quality is comparable to that of regular tea.

In addition to just drinking tea, there’s so much more to do with tea! Here are some suggestions for you:

  • Plan a wellness ritual

Tea is not only healthy for your inner body. Because of the antioxidants and caffeine, it's also good for your hair and skin.

  • Tea is good for your hair. Make a tea rinse

Tea is rich in antioxidants. Amino acids make your hair strong and shiny. Antioxidants protect your hair from influences that come from outside. Black tea contains a lot of caffeine which stimulates your hair growth. If you have blond hair, use chamomile tea, it will lighten your hair.

  • How do you make a tea rinse?

Make tea like you always do and let the tea cool down. Wash your hair with shampoo and pour the tea over your head. Massage the tea for 2 minutes on your scalp and finish with a conditioner.

  • Lift your under-eye bags with tea

Make 2 cups of chamomile tea and save the tea bags and let them cool (in the refrigerator). Lay down and play mellow music or a podcast. Put the tea bags on your eyes for 10 minutes and you look refreshed again.

  • Make a green tea scrub

The caffeine and antioxidants in green tea have a positive effect on your skin. This scrub takes care of better blood circulation, removes dead skins cells, and makes you shine.

  • How do you make tea scrub?

Mix tea from 2 tea bags or 2 teaspoons of green tea together with 1 spoon of fine granulated sugar and 2 spoons of argan-, almond- or coconut oil.

Moist your face with warm water and massage the scrub over your face. Rinse off with lukewarm water and enjoy your glowing skin.

  • Remove nasty odours with tea

Tea is hygroscopic. It absorbs (nasty) odours from its surroundings. Do you have a carpet with a bad smell, sprinkle some tea on it together with some baking soda. Let it sit for 20 minutes and vacuum clean. Beware of moist on a light coloured carpet; black tea can make stains when it’s wet!

  • Clean your burnt pots with tea

It happens to all of us; a burnt pot. The tannins that can be found in black tea helps to clean your pot. Fill your pan with hot water and some spoons of black tea. Let it soak overnight. The next day you can clean it easily with water and soap.

  • Tea rub for the barbecue

Do you like barbecues? With black tea, you can make delicious rubs to marinate your meat. Or sprinkle some tea directly on the glowing charcoal. Black tea is delicious with beef and pork.

  • Cooking with tea

Tea is a beautiful ingredient to cook with. Jules Cooking is one of our favourite sources of inspiration. On his Youtube channel, he shares the most delicious dishes where he also cooks with tea. Check his YouTube channel.

  • Dye your clothes with tea

Black tea is a beautiful natural source to dye fabric. Tea gives a nice earthy color to natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and hemp. Dying with tea can be done in different ways. On the blog of Wood Lark and Rebecca Desnos you can find good tutorials and more information. Good news, you can help in the battle against food waste

Help Dilmah to battle food waste and add one or more products of this page to your order.

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