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6x gift idea for tea lovers

6x gift idea for tea lovers

It's that time of the year again. Christmas is around the corner. Time to think about presents. What kind of gift do you give to which person? And also, what do you give to a real tea lover? In this blog we give you some inspiration.


This is an easy one. Of course, you give a real tea lover some tea. You can give a gift box filled with tea like the Mini Luxury Presenter or spread some kindness with our Can of Kindness. If you want to give a special rare tea our Ceylon Silver Tips is a tea that you must consider as a gift. It's a delicate white tea that goes perfectly with the holidays. The Ceylon Cinnamon Spice Tea is a tea that's perfect to drink during the cold winter weather.

Hot tea or iced tea?

During the cold winter weather, a cup of hot tea is all you want. Or during a hot summer day, nothing is more refreshing than a cold glass of fresh iced tea. If you serve your hot or cold drinks in a double wall tea glass, you can enjoy your drink longer. You can choose between a double-wall glass with a saucer or a regular double wall tea glass.

Original gift

Are you looking for a special gift like a tea presenter with your logo? Or do you want to make a gift box filled with tea and tea accessories? Contact us so we can help you. We have lots of options to personalize your gifts.

Tea to go

Our double-wall tea bottle to go with infuser is perfect for the tea lovers that commute and travel a lot. They can fill the infuser with their favorite tea, fill it with hot or cold water and drink their tea while they are on their way. They can also fill the infuser with fruit, herbs, and spices so they can infuse the water. It's easy to remove the infuser, so the bottle can also be used as a 'regular' water bottle. This gift is versatile and hard not to like.

Tea infuser

If the receiver of your gift is a fan of loose tea, you could consider giving an infuser. The Perfect Cup Infuser is a nice gift to give. With this infuser, you can make 400 ml of perfectly brewed tea in no time. 400 ml is enough for one big mug of tea or 2 smaller cups. Fill the infuser with tea and water and watch how the tea steeps and develops. When the tea is done steeping put the infuser on a cup and watch how the tea flows down. This is a gift that tea lovers will enjoy a lot.

Ethical gift

If someone already has everything they want, you can also consider donating to a charity on behalf of the receiver. Know that all Dilmah Tea gifts are ethical gifts because a minimum of 15% of our profit will be spent on humanity, nature, and climate projects. You can read more about this on:

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