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5 sustainable savings hacks that will make you happy 

5 sustainable savings hacks that will make you happy 
Do you already feel inflation in your wallet?
Here are 5 hacks for you that help mother earth and give you more value for money. 


1. Smart (tea) shopping and curbing waste 

Nowadays there are all kinds of apps and initiatives that make the world more sustainable and help you save money. Help reduce waste with TooGoodtoGo. 47 million tons of food is lost in European households every year. The smallest changes can make a big difference in the fight against foodwaste and also save significant costs. In this blog ToGoodToGo lists 6 tips to get started with food waste at home. 

Psssst, you can also save our tea via ToGoodToGo and via our Tea Rescue page. 


2. Consume less with the Buyerarchy

Are you already familiar with the Buyerarchy? This 5-step plan was designed by the American illustrator Sarah Lazarovic. A Dutch version was developed for Network Conscious Consumption. This community wants to make reducing the norm so that we can make society more sustainable with a modest life 

Run new intended purchases through this pyramid and you may discover new opportunities that save you a lot of money. The less you consume, the better for the world and for you too. 


3. Buy larger or refill packs 

In the supermarket and also in our webshop you can find multi-packs. Less packaging material and often more economic. Although the price is higher at first glance, it pays to see how much you get for it. 

€€€ Budget tip; relate prices to the volume and then compare. Usually you’re better off buying larger volumes. 


4. Share, trade or sell your stuff 

Do you have items that you rarely or never use? Think about bartering, selling and sharing. There are all kinds of ways to earn, save or help someone else with your abundance. 

For example, take a look at your wardrobe. Are there any garments you never wear? Give your clothes or shoes a second life through vintage shops, Marktplaats or Vinted. Through an app such as Peerby, you can rent and lend items in your neighbourhood. Researching these kind of platforms can give you a nice perk. 

There are also many people and families who are having a hard time at the moment. You can also consider giving your abundance away for free through charity or through your social media to someone in need. #cool2beKind 


5. An abundance of tea for less money in the next five years 

We recently opened a crowdfunding for our customers to join us in our mission to bring relief to Sri Lanka. The people there are in dire need for essentials and we can help. Expanding the market in Europe is a very effective way to make a direct impact in Sri Lanka. By choosing a plan (we offer 3 packages) you treat yourself the very best premium tea for years to come while doing good. Additionally you’ll get more tea for less money. Read how.. 

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