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Brew your own loose leave tea with the Perfect Cup Infuser

Dilmah Perfect Cup Tea Infuser

Nothing is better than a freshly brewed cup of tea. At Dilmah we do everything we can, to give you the best tea experience. For that reason, we have developed the Perfect Cup Infuser. Making a cup of tea with our infuser is easy and fun.

What is the Dilmah Perfect Cup Infuser?

The tea infuser was specially developed to steep loose tea. The container is transparent and has tick marks so you can exactly see how much water you pour into the infuser. The infuser can hold up to 400 ml of water. That's enough for 2 cups of 200 ml tea or one big cup of 400 ml.

We provided the infuser with a handle, so you can easily grab it without burning your hands. On top, we have placed a lid that opens and closes easily. The closed lid keeps all the flavours inside the infuser while your tea steeps.

How does the Perfect Cup Infuser work?

  1. Choose your desired tea
  2. Boil filtered water. Look at the package of the tea for the ideal water temperature.
  3. Pour the desired amount of water into the infuser
  4. Stir 2 grams of loose tea in the infuser for 200 ml tea or 4 gr of tea for 400 ml of tea
  5. Let the tea steep for +/- 2,5 minutes, depending on the tea you chose
  6. When the tea is done steeping put the infuser on top of a cup and watch how the tea flows into your cup
  7. Enjoy your cup of tea! 

How to make cold brew tea?

With the infuser, you can make hot and cold brew tea. Cold-brew tea is a perfect drink for those hot summer days.

Boil filtered water and let it cool down Put 2 or 4 grams loose tea in the infuser Let the tea steep for a few hours or let it steep overnight Enjoy your cup of tea


With our infuser, you can easily customise your tea. Add some fresh fruit, herbs, or spices to the tea and experience what happens with the flavour. Add some fresh orange or lemon to green tea. Or add some cinnamon to chai tea.

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