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Silver Tips tea Aperitif

Dilmah Silver Tips aperitif

Do you want to serve a special drink during your Christmas dinner? Why not serve a Silver Tips Aperitif?

What are Silver Tips?

Silver Tips find their origin at the top of the tea plant. The tea plant where the Silver Tips are being harvested from grows in Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka at a height of 1800 meters. The tops are 3 cm long and have the shape of a needle. The top exists out of 2 leaves and a bud. The buds have a silvery color and have a velvety texture. For Silver Tips tea we only use these buds.

The tender buds of the tea plant are handpicked at dawn by our most experienced tea pickers, carefully carried in a silk pouch, and entirely handmade. The buds are dried under filtered sunlight and carefully hand-rolled. Of all the tea in the world, Silver Tips has the highest amount of antioxidants and the lowest level of theine.

How does Silver Tips tea taste?

Their pale brew is surpassingly light and delicate, elusive and mild on the palate with a touch of a "greenish" seasonal high grown character in the finish. The beauty of the infused buds adds to the pleasure of this unique brew.

Silver Tips cold brew

Cold-brew made from Silver Tips is also called Silver Tips 'Champagne' by some people. We rather call it aperitif.

How to make a Silver Tips aperitif?

We use a basic recipe that we got from the Tea Master Mariëlla Erkens. We gave it a little tweak by using Silver Tips tea. This recipe is easy to make and made in no time.


  • 20 gr Silver Tips Tea
  • 500 ml cold filtered water

Preparations step 1

Put the tea and water together in a sterilized jar Close the jar and shake it a few times. Put the jar in the fridge for a minimum of 6 hours

Step 2

Pour 40 ml cold brew tea in a Champagne glass and add 120 ml Sanpellegrino or sparkling water


If you like your drinks a bit sweeter, you can add a bit of organic Elderflower syrup. Elderflower pairs perfectly with the sweet and floral notes in this tea.


Cold brews are also perfect as a base for hot teas. Perfect for those busy days. To make hot tea with cold brew add 40 ml tea to a mug and add 120 ml 90 degrees ºC filtered water.

Source photo: Pexels

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