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Alcohol free Ran Watte Champagne

Alcohol free Ran Watte Champagne

New year is around the corner. In The Netherlands we have the tradition that we eat 'oliebollen', light firework and drink champagne when the clock ticks 00:00 If you don't want or can't drink alcohol and you are looking for an alcohol-free alternative, 'Ran Watte Champagne' might be a good option for you. Ran Watte tea has an elegant structure like a fine Champagne. If you add sparkling water to it, you have created a festive drink.

Ran Watte tea

Ran Watte tea grows in the hills of Nuwara Eliya at a height of 1800 meters above sea level. The tea has a golden orange color and an elegant structure. Like a fine Champagne. This tea is smooth and has some aromas of peach, citrus fruit with a pinch of spiciness. It's a light and mellow tea.

Ran Watte 'Champagne'

Alcohol-free 'Champagne' made from Ran Watte tea is easy to make. All you need are 3 ingredients and some patience.

Ingredients per glass

1,5 gr Ran Watte tea 40 ml filtered water 120 ml sparkling water

Step 1

Put the tea and water in a sterilized jar Stir the tea Let the tea steep overnight in the fridge

Step 2

Sif the tea leaves from the water Pour 40 tea in a champagne glass Add 120 ml sparkling water


Do you like sweeter drinks? Add some elderflower syrup to the 'Champagne'.

Variation 2

If you don't have Ran Watte tea in stock, you can also use Silver Tips tea. Read our blog for the recipe. Cheers!

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