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Star level tea tasting

Dilmah Teamakers Private Reserve

Are you curious what kind of tea a tea maker serves on special occasions? Merrill Fernando created a private collection with 16 special Single Estate teas. These teas are available in a limited edition. He only shares this tea with a connoisseur who can appreciate this tea to its high value. ‘The iconic Teamaker’s Private Reserve’ collection is sold worldwide only in Michelin-starred restaurants.

People are enjoying fine dining more and more. Because of that, we have made this exquisite tea experience also available for you at home. You can finish a star-worthy dinner at your home with a Single Estate tea that matches perfectly with your dessert. Are you curious and want to experience and taste this tea? That's also an option. One thing is sure, once you have tasted this high-quality tea, your spectrum of tea appreciation suddenly becomes much broader.

To introduce you to this special collection we have created a tea tasting for you at home. The tasting contains four kinds of tea from the Teamaker’s Private Reserve collection. Via the link here below you get all the details about the origin and estates where these teas grow, are harvested, and produced. You will understand why some teas will cost €1,- per gram.

  • Imboolpittia Estate Silver Tips
  • Jade Gunpowder
  • Lover’s Leap Estate Pekoe 1
  • Single Estate Earl Grey

The sachets are each filled with 9 grams of tea. That's enough for four servings per tea type. The quality is made of the best quality that's available. Because of that, you can steep the tea multiple times. Taste and see what's happening to the tea leaves when the tea develops to the ultimate flavour development. We advise that you read our brewing guide before making this tea. This will make sure that you get the highest quality of tea from this precious tea.

Serve the tea into wine glasses. The glass helps to get the aroma comes into its own and the color can be properly assessed. Just like wine you can swirl the tea in your glass. It's common with tea tastings to slurp. This adds oxygen so the flavours and aromas can be properly perceived. Move the tea around in your mouth and use your nose when you taste.

Taste the tea from the lightest tea to the darkest tea, Beginning with Silver Tips, Jade Gunpowder, Lover's Leap, and finishing with the Earl grey.

Taste together with our tea sommelier?

Do you want to experience this tasting online together with our tea sommelier and other connoisseurs? Savor while you taste. Online you will receive tips, information, brewing guide and beautiful stories about tea and this collection.

You can sign up here for the next online tasting.

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